e-patient delivers success.

Completely differentiate your practice
with state-of-the-art 3-D animated
touchscreen technology.

Introducing e-patient, the revolutionary, first-of-its-kind digital patient platform for the exam room.

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Educate, Train and Inform

e-patient transfers your personal clinical expertise into a new and revolutionary patient education tool. e-patient combines your own clinical expertise with current documented consumer research stating that improved patient outcomes are achieved when utilizing visual and audio learning tools for consistent patient interactions.

Improve Your Bottom Line

e-patient is the perfect way to unify your clinical expertise, patient interaction skill set, and desired results in a powerful delivery tool. This platform of visual and audio-based patient education tools helps your practice’s focus on close and binaural rates, while satisfying your patients’ need for comfort, consistency, and quality care.

Plug & Play the Easy Way

e-patient works right out of the box, and you and your staff will find the interface and tools a breeze to master. Finally differentiate your expertise and professionalism from any other providers in the market.

Provide a Unique Patient Experience

e-patient is a treatment-focused educational software tool that enables you to quickly and effectively explain products and procedures, educate patients, and eliminate the repetition of routine information that depletes valuable staff time, contact an account executive today ยป