Why e-patient?

Following video tape review and analysis of hundreds of hours of patient interactions with many of the nationally recognized leading practices and providers, we identified the need for a unified, consistent and replicable process that would be easy to integrate into all exam rooms and any practice environment. We then blended that customizable process with patient education tools that have been documented to increase treatment acceptance rates and improve patient satisfaction. We wanted to create an effective and intuitive solution for each portion of the practice. We bring the product to life by packaging the software with a sophisticated touch screen technology that delivers the first truly interactive patient interaction process in hearing care. Therefore, we have modules like the scheduler, to run customized presentations in the waiting room according to your set schedule. We also have tools like the Exam Advisor that allow you to quickly zoom in and out of various anatomical views and demonstrate causes, symptoms, progressions and treatments regarding your patient’s condition. With the Hearing Advisor, you can highlight the benefits of premium products, match a patient’s lifestyle with the appropriate technology and demonstrate the key features of each type of hearing aid using 3D animations. To see how else e-patient can benefit your practice, contact an account executive today.

What are the system requirements?

How many PCs can I use e-patient on?

The base license of e-patient includes use on up to ten PCs. You can add more computers at any time in increments of 5.

If I have multiple office locations, may I use the 10-PC license in different locations?

Yes, your license covers use on ten PCs anywhere, including your satellite office or home.

How is e-patient licensed?

e-patient is licensed on an annual basis in order to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest version of the software in an affordable manner. All customers will be eligible to receive the updates released within their license period. These updates can be downloaded immediately upon release.

What is an update?

We strive to provide the best possible product to meet your needs. We are constantly making improvements to the software based on provider and pracrice feedback and new ideas. These improvements are released in the form of an update which can be downloaded immediately once the update is available. Updates may include software enhancements and/or new content.

How often will you release updates for e-patients?

Current plans call to offer at least two updates per year. Updates are available for immediate download.

If I don’t have internet in my office, what do you recommend?

Contact a local provider about installing service.