Features and Benefits

Organize and Deliver Consistent Patient Outcomes

Create a truly replicable patient interaction process. Using sophisticated 3D graphics and audio clips combined with your personal clinical expertise standardize your practices patient process to ensure higher patient treatment acceptance rates and hearing technology adoption.

Enhance the Patient Experience with Interactive Tools

Provide the ultimate exam room experience. Using a comprehensive and customizable library of crystal clear 3D graphics, audio clips and touch screen technology supporting your own clinical practices deliver unmatched patient education. Align your clinical practices with research supporting the impact interactive visual and audio tools can have on satisfactory patient outcomes.

Visualize Treatment Options

Reduce patient confusion and fear by simplifying the presentation of treatment options. Use ground breaking technology to present in one visually impactful screen the concluding results of your patient lifestyle and budget interview, diagnostic test results and recommended treatment options.

Differentiate Your Practice

Finally a patient and practice tool that can deliver your clinical expertise in a way that clearly demonstrates the value of your patient care. Integrate the unique e-patient experience in all your marketing materials and communicate the additional value e-patient delivers to your patients.